the secrets of the storm vortex lightning catcher

The Secrets Of The Storm Vortex Lightning Catcher

the secrets of the storm vortex lightning catcher

Part Storm Chaser and Part The 39 clues, this school adventure story about the twelve-year-old Angus McFangus and his dangerous ability to predict catastrophic weather, combines science, weather and the fantastic.


Angus McFangus and his two best friends, Indigo Midnight and Dougal Dewsnap, are starting their second year in the Dangerous Exploratory for Heavy Weather and Vicious Storms, where they are trained to study and eventually become lightning-bangers and weather the world’s most dangerous weather. They have more than just lessons in mind, namely the fate of Angus’ parents abducted by the villain Skankious Dankhart. Angus’ parents are held captive at Schloss Dankhart, where a violent weather blast has created a “storm vortex” so nobody can say what’s going on inside. There are Angus, Indigo and Dougal to the rescue …. Will they arrive on time and all in one piece? Action packed, carefree and perfect for reluctant readers!

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