essentials of human anatomy physiology 11th edition

Essentials Of Human Anatomy Physiology 11th Edition

essentials of human anatomy physiology 11th edition

A bestseller with a modern style and robust media

The book is now fully integrated with MasteringA & P® and continues to provide just the right balance of anatomy, physiology and clinical coverage to make the content complete but not overwhelming. New clinical photos in the Homeostatic Imbalance feature will help you to visualize diseases and disorders, and new built-in conceptual links will help you establish connections between topics and body systems. A new, modern design makes the book more accessible than ever, and new specific references to MasteringA & P inspire you to study tools and resources that deepen your understanding of chapter concepts.

This text, written specifically for the one-semester course, provides you with a superior teaching and learning experience. The program allows you to:

Personalize learning with MasteringA & P: MasteringA & P brings you interesting experiences that will guide you through difficult topics at A & P, with tools to help visualize, practice and understand A & P.

Bring A & P concepts to Life and Provide Real Context: A dramatic art and photography program with 3D anatomy illustrations, process figures with descriptive step text, realistic bone art, illustrated tables, and new clinical photos in the Homöostatic Imbalance function.

Help with studying and maintaining information: Effective pedagogy, including never concept linking, did you get it? Concept check questions, numbers questions, and review questions at the end of the chapter help you study and keep the information you need.

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