encyclopedia world history 7 volume set

Encyclopedia World History 7 Volume Set

encyclopedia world history 7 volume set

This comprehensive and authoritative place is rich in features to make the study of world history easier for students to understand.

Editorial reviews

This resource is much broader than the 2000 volume of the same name, divided into six dissimilar chronological slices. The focus is international though inconsistent; for example, “Greek War of Independence” is longer than “Vietnam War,” and George Washington receives considerably less column duty than Joseph Stalin. The first six volumes open with a chronology and a review essay looking at their period in the light of six universal themes such as “technological progress” and “warfare.” The more than three hundred articles that follow, ranging in length from about half of a two-columned page to two or three pages, are divided into larger topics to aid digestibility. Most articles end with a reading list and, if necessary, cross-references – but only to entries within the same volume. Each volume also contains a slew of dull black and white photos or period representations, a section of color maps, and an individual index. The last book contains the full texts of 110 primary source documents as well as a “master” index containing neither these documents nor, except for the maps, illustration entries.

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