ATS: Auto Trends in Scale 2017 (Volume 2)

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Car trends at the scale is a different take on the entire model automobile magazine. Features such as “Never back in styrene,” expire Diecast models Präsentieren Valley which were published as plastic kits. And “model manufacturers and plastic Kit stories,” the fog over the things clear, what you have around, but still is maybe not entirely clear. What is such as SMP? Isn’t just a typo for Office? It’s really old Kit tools hide undetected in the camps after all these years? And even more legends and traditions. We cover also Motorsport, including vintage NASCAR, historical drag racing, vintage racing bike classic championship race, and especially legendary occasions such as the early years of the Mexican road race in detail are presented. Replica storage? Total! R, S is a very important segment of the hobby. Whether I. Durring from old car to new car trend all changed cars evelutions. but i choosed the old style is like a cowboys 🙂

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